Friday, March 19, 2010

Addison had surgery on Tuesday for her clogged tear ducts. Surgery scares me a lot for Addison. She has had intabation problems in the past when she was lifelined to Riley. The doctors tried to tell me that Addison was difficult to intabate and that her anatomy in her throat was abnormal. They wanted to trach her so that if she had to be intabated in the future it wouldn't be a life or death situation. So from that day on I have been very nervous about taking Addison to surgery. On Tuesday the doctors reassured me that she would do great. On her last 2 procedures she was intabated without difficulty!!! I did not know that. The surgeon and the anesthesiologist were very thorough and made me feel very comfortable. They were amazing. So, Addison was wonderful and everything went according to plan. I was so excited to see her smile when she woke up. I am praying that she won't have drainage problems in the future.

On May 12, she will have her cleft palate repaired and her hand repaired where her two fingers are fused together. Her plastic surgeon will hopefully be able to separate these. I will be very nervous again praying that God watches over her and helps her heal.

She did get her Easter pictures taken and she about tore off a chick's wing!!! I was very frightened for the chick's life. So, needless to say, we gave her a fake chick instead! What a funny day that was...not for the chick...very traumatic!

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heidi @ ggip said...

I'm glad that her surgery went well. I hope the future ones go great too.