Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's been a long time!!!

Boy have we been busy! Again I can't believe that I haven't updated Addi's blog as often as I should. Austin is almost finished with his Freshman football. He did an awesome job as the Quarterback and I am so proud of him. Andrew's team came in 2nd at the Youth football tourney. He did an amazing job this year. And Addi, well, Addi has been super healthy and that is what we pray for each day. Her pulmonologist has taken her off her oxygen at night. Now that was a celebration! We are all excited about that, especially Addi!

We took a 4 day trip to the Big Apple! We went to see the Yankees and the Red Sox play. What a great trip. We ate hot dogs at Nathan's in Coney Island! YUMMY! What a great night. It was a very tiring trip but way too much fun! We hope to go back soon. The boys have found their love for the big city! I think they liked the subway the best!

So I have posted some recent pics of NYC and others...hope all of our followers and families of children with CdLS are doing great. I pray for you all daily and wish I had more time to read your blogs! Now that I have three jobs I am strung out pretty thin and hope someday to be down to one that allows me to spend MORE time with my sweet baby Addison!!!