Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well, time flies and the summer has once again passed by too quickly. I have really enjoyed my time at home this summer with Addison. School has started and I am back at work. I will not lie when I say that the tears are a-flowin'! I have missed her dearly the last few days. I have put pics up all over my classroom of her which makes it even harder :)

Austin is a freshman so that doesn't help ease my motherly anxieties. He is growing so fast and I just can't seem to keep up with the time. He is getting taller by the day! He is playing football again this year. He is the quarterback for the freshman team. When he was little he used to wish time to pass so he could be a big boy and play on the "big field." Well that time is here. I looked out onto the field the other day and I saw a young man wearing the Charger blue and orange that he just couldn't wait to wear. Where has the time gone? How do they grow so fast?

Andrew is feeling big time since he is a 5th grader and ruling the school! He is also playing football and keeping us busy with his activites. He is growing like a weed and I can't believe how big his feet are! I guess he will be tall like his dad!

I will put on some new pics as soon as I can! Addison's benefit is this weekend in Lafayette and I hope to have lots of good pics. Thanks to all of our great friends who have worked so hard to help our family! We love you guys, more than you know!