Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Addison went to her Orthopedics doctor for the first time yesterday. Awhile back we received some news that her forearms were not developed correctly. The x-rays showed dislocation around her elbows of both arms. The doctor said that she has 70% range of motion. She will probably not have to have surgery (which is very indepth and difficult) since she would not benefit from it. She goes back to orthopedics in February for more x-rays.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Care for Addison

Many of you have been asking about who is watching Addison since I have gone back to work. Sean's employers have been very gracious in allowing Sean to work nights for a couple of weeks so he could stay home with Addison. It has worked out well for now. Starting in September Sean has to go back to days. Grandma Mary is going to watch Addison during the day for awhile. Addison's care is the most important thing right now so are taking each day one at a time! Here is a picture of Daddy leaving for work on his first night!