Sunday, September 6, 2009

I can't believe that it has been since August that I have posted anything! We have all started school and it has been a whirl wind of events. Austin is the quarterback of his Freshman football team and Andrew is playing football on Saturday mornings. And in the middle of all of this Addison turned 2!

What a crazy two years. When I look back at pictures and think about how far we have come with Addison and her health it truly seems like a the last two years have lasted a lifetime. There were so many struggles and deep emotions that I have never felt before. I hope that I never have to feel them again. The thought that any day Addison's health could turn for the worse has slowly drifted to the back of my mind. It is still there. I can't say that it will ever go away now. But it isn't at the forefront of my thoughts each day. Addison is doing so well that sometimes I am afraid to tell people that in fear that I will jinx it all. You can tell from the pictures that I posted that she has been SUPER great! She is doing well and lovin' life with her two brothers. Everything revolves around Addison, but why shouldn't it, right?