Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Latest Update

Addison had been doing really well lately. She was in the hospital in January for a couple of days due to lack of weight gain. Now she is gaining weight and lovin' life. On March 16 she will be having her tear ducts probed at Riley. She has had very yucky eyes and it just won't go away. She dreads the morning ritual when the washcloth comes her way! It will be nice when she wakes up each morning and her eyes are actually opened. On March 8 she will be going to see the audiologist. We have been trying to get her BAHA hearing device since last year. The insurance has denied it twice so now we are trying the BC1. We will discuss those issues at our visit. Good news is that I do think her hearing has improved. May 12 is the tentative date for Addison's cleft palate and hand repair. I'm scared for her to go back and be put under for a surgery. I'm sure I will be a mess those days...surprise, surprise huh?

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heidi @ ggip said...

Thanks for the update. She is such a cutie. In our state, we didn't have any trouble getting the regular behind the ear hearing aids. Our trouble is also that we have a hard time testing the hearing. I also think that Blue's hearing is getting better, but when you have to sedate the kids to get a result for the hearing aid it is difficult. Anyhow, good luck with those procedures, I'm sure Addison will do great!