Saturday, March 27, 2010

I do enjoy when we have a round of good things happening! The Lord is with us everyday through challenges and triumphs and I just want to say how wonderful it feels to have him on my side.

What a beautiful little girl he has blessed into our family. I look at these precious pictures that my friend April took and it takes my breath away. The other day one of my small groups of kiddos that I work with everyday, had a conversation about what it means when something is "breathtakingly beautiful" and this is it! My darling Addison who takes my breath away at each step, each breath, each tear, and through each small goal she achieves.

We just got a call this week that Addison's bone conductive device is in. The state approved the BC1 and she will hopefully get them next week. I am getting nervous but feel relieved that she will be able to hear soon. We also got an email that we have been approved through the Family Improvement Fund for money to go to the CdLS Conference in June. Lots of good things happening!

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