Wednesday, May 27, 2009

About time!

I think it is an understatement when I say it is about time I updated Addison's blog! Whew, have we been busy! Most of you know that on Saturday we are having our Tag the Day for CdLS yard sale. We have many donations and want to Thanks to everyone who have brought stuff over, called about helping , etc. You are guys are the BEST! Can't wait for it to be over, kind of tired of little round stickers :)

I will post pics after Saturday!

Andrew and Austin are now in the heart of Baseball Season with many games to come. Addison is fabulous at the games. She laughs and plays with her Meemaw and Papaw and give her brothers good luck kisses every now and then. I hope you enjoy the recent pics as much as I enjoy taking them. I have a camera attached at my hip, I swear. Austin is about sick of seeing it in his face! :)
Hugs and Kisses to all of our blogger friends. I can't wait to update myself on your blogs and see your beautiful children!