Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Latest visit to Riley Children's Hospital

On Thursday January 22, 2009 Addison was taken to Riley by the Riley transport team. She had been having some trouble breathing due to what we thought was congestion. After a couple days of the doctor's care they decided that Riley would be the better place for her. They took her to Riley and put her on oxygen for the ride. Once we got to Riley she stayed in the ER for what seemed like forever. They had to put in an IV and if you know anything about Addison you know that an IV doesn't come easy for her. They picked, poked, prodded and still no IV was going in. They finally decided to take her to her room. She ended up not ever needing the IV so that was a blessing. The doctors put her on some breathing treatments and oxygen. Her chest x-ray showed an acute infection in her lower lungs. We were able to leave the following Saturday evening. It was a short visit but traumatic even so. She is doing well now and is back to her old self...crazy hair and all.
Currently we are working on finding out why she has blood in her "poo." I dislike every word that you could use for that so I will use the word poo :) We just took a sample to the hospital today. We should know in a couple of days what they find. I will try to keep this updated! That is my goal.