Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, I had my heart broken today. As most of you who read this know, I teach and I work with children in the 2nd and 3rd grade. Today one of the little girls who I don't work with but love seeing each day, came into my classroom. She saw a picture of Addison, which are all over my room, and asked me who it was. I told her plain and simple and with lots of pride that she was my daughter. This is where the conversation got tense and awkward. She looked at me with raised eyebrows, rolled her eyes, and said, okay. Not just a plain ole okay with attitude, a slow okay with rudeness in the voice, an okay that said, I'm better than you, an okay that ultimately felt like daggers piercing my heart. If that wasn't enough the same child saw me after school and said quite loudly that she heard my daughter had only 4 fingers. Needless to say many tears were shed and are still being shed since that moment. I always new that someday I would encounter someone who would judge my daughter but I guess I was praying that I would be prepared.

Maybe my life's mission has now become to educate our youth concerning children with disabilities...

thanks for listening...


heidi @ ggip said...

Oh that is so sad. I'm very sorry about that situation and the pain it caused you.

I too know that someone is going to be mean and cruel to our family probably many times.

Isenberg said...

Angie, I love you and I am sorry that was said to you, but we are so lucky to have Addison in our life and how she has touched our hearts already in so many ways. Give her hugs and kisses from me please. Love, PAM

Jenny from the Block said...

So many people, children and adults, will learn from you and your beautiful baby girl....what a gift...Love you!!!

Rachelle said...

I am so sorry that happened to you. I can feel your pain and heartbreak through your post. Keep your chin up and give Addison extra kisses and hugs. You will feel much better.

carrie said...

Oh Angie ... this story breaks my heart and makes my stomach hurt. Addison is an amazing blessing and you know that.

Hopefully this little girl will learn from your wonderful example. Continue to hold your head high and be so proud of all the incredible progress Addison continues to make as it's a true testament to the love of your family.

Misty said...

hello there! i am misty, mommy to mason who also has CdLS (born Nov. 2007). i found your blog through other cdls blog sites. i have enjoyed reading about your little Addison.
I hope that your heart is healing. I cannot tell you how many comments or looks we have gotten and i understand what you're feeling. your daughter is beautiful and precious and we are all part of a unique and special family :)(mama bears united LOL). i hope you don't mind if i add you to my blog roll! hang in there mama!

yuka said...

How do you do?
I bore a child on September 25th in 2008.
My son is cdls,too.
(I'm japanese.)
I have sometimes come to this blog to see.
I'm not good at writing English.
But I have come to see a picture of your cute daughter.

It's the smiling face which seems really happy, ^^

AddisonBrown1 said...

I would love to email you and find out more about your child. I am glad you come visit Addison's blog. Do you have an email address? or a blog that I could visit?

Angie, Addison's mom.

yuka said...
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