Monday, January 19, 2009

Medical Update

Addison is doing pretty well. Right now she has been sick for about a week. She is very congested and tired. No major worries right now...just sick. She is still on her oxygen at night until we can get her through the RSV season and then we will reevaluate the o2 after a sleep study is done. That won't be until after April.
She just had tubes put in on December 2nd. Because her ear canals are so very tiny it took the Dr. over 2 hours for this procedure. He ended up getting a tube into her right ear. Her ears are looking good and we haven't had any problems yet. Her next step is to see the hearing aide clinic at Riley and have another hearing test.
There hasn't been any talk of fixing her cleft palate. She uses the hole in her mouth as an airway since her airways are so tiny. She needs that space until her chin, throat, etc grow a little more.
She is still being fed by her G-tube. She eats very small amounts of baby food but doesn't really like it! She does however put everything else in her mouth.
Right now we couldn't ask for things to be any better. She is growing and becoming more personable and fun!!! She is hilarious...and cute as a button!

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